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You’ve Got To Vote

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Election day is Tuesday of next week – Nov. 8, and if you haven’t already voted, you need to on Tuesday. Remember, the freedom to vote is one of the greatest rights you have, and it does keep America free.

Here at the Roundup, we try to stay out of politics. We report on those running for state and national office, but that is about the limit. I’m pretty sure everyone realizes those of us involved with the Roundup are conservative, as we’re all involved in agriculture one way or the other, and those in ag tend to be conservative, as you know. We’re proud of that. But we don’t tell people who to vote for in the Roundup. We feel that would be an insult to, first, your intellect, and, second, it is none of our business whom you vote for.

As the election draws near, we’ve been hearing people saying, “I’m not voting. I’m sick and tired of this election and those running for national office.” We can all sympathize with those folks, as nationally this election season has been a mess.

Nationally, we usually vote for someone or against someone, but this year, those running for president have really soured us on the election process. American presidents just don’t talk like this year’s candidates have publically.

Many of us have said, “How did we end up with these two?” or “How has America come to this?” No one seems to have the answer. Lately, there have been some big issues come to surface, but is anyone listening?

I see, as of Nov. 1, around 25 million voters have already voted. Good for them for voting, but they didn’t get to vote on the whole story. Basically, none of us have heard either candidate’s whole story. The only thing they talk about is how their opponent is just a crook. We haven’t heard much about policy or issues from either candidate.

To be truthful, a lot of us have just tuned out on the national election. Thank God there is lots of good sports on TV and good books and a great ag newspaper to read in our spare time. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. But, one of them is going to be President of the U.S.

So, we have to take it seriously and vote for our choice for a number of reasons. By not voting, we are most likely giving the candidate we wouldn’t vote for an invisible vote, and by not voting, it is unfair to those candidates in our local and state elections that are all so important. Remember, we still have civility in our state and local elections, and hopefully that doesn’t change.

I think it is up to us as state and local voters to let it be known that Wyoming voters don’t want their elections to go the way the national elections have gone. Respect and civility are a part of who we are, and we don’t want our elections to take place in a mud pit.

As they say, “The line separating good and evil passes not through states nor between political parties either but right through every human heart.” Also remember free is not the same as free and easy.

So please vote, and just take some air freshener with you to the voting booth.


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