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Drugless Cures for Human Ills

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

The healing powers of the world’s largest mineral hot springs, located across the Big Horn River from Thermopolis is promoted in a 1927 publication. It notes:

The Big Horn Mineral Hot Springs flows 18,600,000 gallons of water each 24 hours at a temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit and carries 28 different minerals, most of them known to be essential to good health. Many diseases are cured here after the doctors have tried and failed as explained in the following case histories, as reported in the April 1927 “Health Reporter.”

Have you ever known the anxiety of weeks at the bedside of a son 14 years old who as the result of scarlet fever, was left with Brights Disease and uremic poisoning? Such has been the trial of Mr. Jess Beadle, of Roundup, Mont., whose son George was so stricken that the doctors in attendance could do no more for him. With George so ill that death was momentarily expected, Mr. Beadle and his sister, Mrs. James Turner, of Glenrock, who had been with the boy in Roundup, boarded the train for Thermopolis. Arriving at the springs the boy was at once placed in the baths. Relief was immediate. George has been at the springs now for a week. His condition as we go to press is such that Mr. Beadle is planning to return home while Mrs. Turner remains during the time that George is convalescing. Mr. Beadle’s one complaint since coming here has been that he did not know about the springs sooner.

Dan Sutherland, “Cheerful Dan,” as he is called by those who have met him here at the springs, came back this month after an absence of two years. When Dan was here before, he had a rheumatic hand, which was so bad that it appeared that he would lose the use of it. Before Dan left the hand was entirely cured of rheumatism, and though it was weak for a time, he says it is sure OK now. Dan will bathe for three weeks just in interest of good health. If everyone made a practice of doing this every year the average life of man would be prolonged 10 years.

Among the more recent arrivals at the Springs are Mrs. Augustus Ritz and Mrs. Susie Turluk of Glendive, Mont. Mrs. Augustus Ritz came to Thermopolis some years ago for treatment for dropsy and was entirely cured and upon this fact is founded her supreme faith in the medicinal value of the Big Horn Hot Springs mineral water. They are stopping at the Washakie Hotel and Baths while here.

Steve Markovich and Matt Prink, from the Dubois Tie Camps, are here to take baths and treatment after a winter of strenuous labor and exposure in the logging business. These men are wise. They know that after a winter of hardship nature will be ruthless in her demand for rebuilding their systems before another hard task is placed upon them. They are taking baths and treatment at the Washakie Hotel and Baths.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Allen of Riverton are at the Washakie Hotel and Baths. Mr. Allen, a prominent Riverton attorney, will play golf as well as take the baths while here. Our Thermopolis golf course is a joy to real golfers. If our eastern resorts attempted to equal the natural advantages of our delightful course, it would cost them no end of money.

Mr. George Larcome of Shelby, Mont. is a convert to the theory and result of natural treatment as given at the Washakie Hotel and Baths. The drinking and use of the mineral waters for bathing soon clears up the cause of most diseases and nature does the rest.

For the first time, those who need the Big Horn Hot Springs Mineral Waters shipped to them in their homes will be able to have this service. Mrs. Edleman, proprietor of the Big Horn Hot Springs Bottling Works, will bottle these wonderful mineral waters for shipment to your homes. See ad elsewhere in this issue.

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