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More Historical Preservation

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Last week we related information found in a rare book entitled “Collections of the Wyoming Historical Society” by Robert C. Morris. This week we offer our readers more about the creation of the:


Entire sets of works are specially solicited or collections of books on any subject, but single volumes and copies of pamphlets will be gratefully received. The library of the Society, it is hoped, will grow into a library of reference on all subjects, hence books, pamphlets and other publications on all subjects are solicited.

Especially do we desire everything relating to Wyoming.

1. Every book or pamphlet on any subject relating to Wyoming or any part of it; also every book or pamphlet written by a Wyoming citizen, whether published in Wyoming or elsewhere; materials for Wyoming history; old letters, journals and manuscript narratives of the pioneers of Wyoming; original papers on the early history and settlement of the territory; adventures and conflicts during the early settlement, the Indian troubles or the late rebellion; biographies of the pioneers, prominent citizens and public men of every county, either living or deceased, together with their portraits and autographs; a sketch of the settlement of every township, village and neighborhood in the state, with the names of the first settlers. We solicit articles on every subject connected with Wyoming history, including fossils, geological specimens, ores and minerals.

2. City ordinances, proceedings of mayor and council; reports of committees of council; pamphlets or papers of any kind printed by authority of the city; reports of boards of trade; maps of cities and plats of town sites or additions thereto.

3. Pamphlets of all kinds; annual reports of societies; sermons and addresses delivered in the state; minutes of church conventions, synods or other ecclesiastical bodies of Wyoming; political addresses; railroad reports; all such, whether published in pamphlet form or newspapers.

4. Catalogues and reports of colleges and other institutions of learning; annual or other reports of school boards, school superintendents and school committees; educational pamphlets, programmes and papers of every kind, no matter how small or apparently unimportant.

5. Copies of the earlier laws, journals and reports of our territorial and state legislatures; earlier Governors’ messages and reports of state officers; reports of state charitable and other institutions.

6. Files of Wyoming newspapers and magazines, especially complete volumes of past years or single numbers, even. Publishers are earnestly requested to contribute their publications regularly, all of which will be carefully preserved and bound.

Items also wanted by the society are “Maps of . . .” but, then, we have to preserve something for the next “Postcard.”

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