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Ticket of Progress

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Years ago when most elections were civil and constructive the “Wyoming Observer,” which proclaimed to be “Independent in Everything,” published the following editorial in its May 7, 1908 edition:

One of the most gratifying features of the city election in Saratoga this year is the total absence of political names and political prejudice. The citizens have all caught the fever of progress. They have come to a full realization of the needs of our town. The past year has brought many new people and made many changes toward the future. The coming year, we shall see more people and greater advancement in every line of industry.

This means much to every citizen. It means that the city needs, more than ever in its history, a mayor and a set of aldermen who are thorough and successful businessmen; a mayor who is thoroughly acquainted with every resource the city and valley is endowed with; who can meet and interest the pleasure seeker, the home seeker, the investor, the businessman and the invalid; one who has the whole people and every enterprise in our city at heart; one who has ‘advance, build, beautify and prosperity for everybody alike,’ as his motto.

There is always a turning point in every life, so with every town. The turning point for Saratoga has come. We believe every citizen in our borders will stop and think. The future stands before us as an open book. In it we can see the results of sound judgment and business foresight. The people will see and heed the demand of the times – unity, strength and progress – the all-important requirements for our success as a city. For a greater Saratoga first – all political and personal matters, let us forget.

We believe that the ticket known as the People’s Ticket, headed with Gustave Jensen as Mayor; J.F. Si___ and W.G. Forney as councilmen, represents all we have said. We further believe that it will appeal to the good judgment of a large percent of our progressive citizens.

Two other articles in the same issue note:

Fremont County Republicans were instructed to cast ballots for a third term for Roosevelt, with Taft as second choice. This was for the county convention. The endorsement of the convention was tendered to our national representatives in the U.S. Senate and in the House of Representatives.

Continued resignations from the board of University trustees are going in to Gov. Brooks. He continues to make appointments, but the honors are refused. Strange that three members of the board don’t see the dusky individual in the wood pile.

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