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Christmas Way Out West

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Christmas is a comin, an’ all across the West,

Lists are bein’ written to put Santa to the test.

Country kids are wond’rin if he’ll really fill the bill

Soon it’ll be Christmas mornin’ – won’t that be a thrill?


Tommy wants a King rope; and Sally wants some reins,

Braided out of rawhide, the kind with jinglin’ chains.

A saddle is the heart’s desire of Joe on Willow Crick,

While Peg, up on the mountain, wants a harness for her pig.


Callie wants a pony – all spotted black and white –

She’s waited months to see him, arrivin’ Christmas night.

Sam is into tractors, in miniature of Dad’s,

John Deere is the only thing to suit this little lad!


His brother wants some wrenches, so he can fix the truck,

While Cody wants a riggin’, for “bare’s” that really buck.

Andy wants a shearing comb to tidy up his sheep

Cindy wants a heating lamp for tiny chicks that peep.


Kay wants an incubator to hatch the little things,

While Bobby wants a bow, to make his arrows sing.

Mary wants some books to read, the cowgirl romance kind,

And Gary wants some puzzles to sharpen up his mind.


Jason wants a bull rope, with bright and shiny bell.

Candice needs a recorder, for stories that she tells.

Quentin ordered bronc spurs, with rowels that are sharp.

Tammy wants a puppy, with bright and laughing bark.


Nygil wants a pager, computer, an’ such things,

While Kathleen is dreamin’ of a diamond (in a ring)!

Tabbie wants some rubber barrels, so bumpin’ them won’t hurt;

Jack needs a cultivator, for stirrin’ up the dirt.


Angie wants a broomstick skirt, for wearin’ to the ball,

An’ Bridget want’s a Breyer horse – ‘cause she’s not into dolls.

Roger needs a Stetson hat, the kind his grandpa wore;

Leroy asked for a Hampshire pig, a smooth an’ sturdy boar.


The elves have scurried wide an’ far, to fill these special needs.

The sleigh is laden to “overflow” – a big load for reindeer steeds!

All the harness is repaired, Rudolph polished up his nose,

Santa’s catchin’ extra zzzz’s – in a state of deep repose.

Seems like some things never change, ol’ Santa sure is one.

You can always count on him, like the risin’ of the sun!

So, come December 25, the West you’ll find is glowin’

With rays of joy from all the grins those cowboy kids are showin’!

– Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns


All of us at the Roundup wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season, full of laughter, joy and blessings.

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