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Postcard from the Past – Col. Cody’s Mining Interests

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

The business expertise of the famous showman Buffalo Bill is shown in this exclusive interview of Col. W.F. Cody in the Nov. 13, 1903 issue of the “Grand Encampment Herald.” Excerpts from that interview continue this week.

Removing the capital

Col. Cody was asked his opinion of Mr. Emerson’s scheme to build a new city in central Wyoming and make the city of Emerson the state capital. 

He replied, “I would not think bad of the scheme if Mr. Emerson can build up an agricultural community about his new town. That is a great consideration and something that Cheyenne does not have.” 

Assured that Mr. Emerson had taken into consideration this important feature, the Colonel said that it was not a scheme to be disregarded.

“I admire Mr. Emerson very much. I have read several of his speeches in the Herald and have noted his energy building up Grand Encampment. His energy is something wonderful, and he is a great organizer. I wish Wyoming had more like him.”

The Copper Giant

Speaking of his mining interests here, Col. Cody said, “Yes, I am a heavy stockholder in the Copper Giant. I am well pleased with same and have no stock for sale.

“Mr. Waterbury and Col. Powell have built a magnificent tunnel, of good proportion and well timbered and are still driving. It is the best tunnel I have ever seen, and I have seen many. The tunnel is in 900 feet, with a depth almost as great as the length, and I understand that it is the longest tunnel with the greatest depth in the district.”

Buffalo Bill

Upon being questioned. Col. Cody repeated the oft told tale of how he was given the title of Buffalo Bill. . . . But, then that’s a tale to be told later.

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