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Wyo Wool Growers Association State Ram Sale continues into 87th year

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

The 87th Annual Wyoming State Ram Sale, as always, offers the highest quality rams meeting some of the most rigorous standards of any sale in the country. This year, 332 rams are consigned for the sale.

While billed as a range ram sale, the Wyoming Wool Growers Association’s (WWGA) Wyoming State Ram Sale produces rams that meet some of the most discriminating purebred buyers’ requirements. The sale has also rendered some of the highest prices for stud rams in the nation through the years, indicating the tremendous quality that comes through the State Ram Sale.

In addition, a select group of the highest-performing rams from the 2015 WWGA, Mountain States Lamb Cooperative and University of Wyoming Ram Sire Test will be consigned to the sale, bringing with them all of the performance data producers concerned with such could ask for. The Ram Sire Test rams qualifying for the sale represent the top 25 percent of those rams on the test. These rams will sell prior to the other black-face rams entered in the sale.

All consignors have either ELISA tested their rams for epididymitis or the rams originate from certified Brucella ovis “free” herds.

In a commitment to uncompromising quality, all rams are rigidly sifted by a panel of notable western sheepmen and knowledgeable veterinarians for soundness and health defects prior to the sale.

“It is our intention that all rams meet the highest quality standards for which the Wyoming State Ram Sale is noted,” comments the sale committee.

While the Wyoming State Ram Sale is about the business of transferring genetics within the sheep industry, it is also a time when sheep producers get together to visit, discuss the industry and renew old – and make new – acquaintances.

“These two days spent in Douglas are intended to be fulfilling, informative and fun,” the committee continues. “Only the healthiest, highest-quality rams from some of the nation’s premier breeders will be accepted for the sale, assuring buyers that our rams are truly the ‘Best in the West.’”

About WWGA

Formed more than 100 years ago by wool growers who wanted to provide a voice for producers, the Wyoming Wool Growers Association (WWGA) continues their tradition of supporting the sheep industry in the state. Today, WWGA is one of the foremost agricultural organizations in the state, and it garners respect and admiration at a national level.

WWGA works to enhance the lamb and wool industry in Wyoming, and the organization strives to protect and preserve the sheep industry’s rich contribution to Wyoming and to preserve the state’s western lifestyle.

Producers are busy and have ranches to operate, so WWGA serves as a watchman for those livestock producers who may not have the time or resources to follow the many issues facing the industry. WWGA provides its members with information on education and research; lobbying and legislative issues; marketing and promotion; and protecting and enhancing the environment while developing Wyoming’s renewable natural resource base.

For sheep producers who are interested in becoming a member of WWGA, contact Amy Hendrickson at 307-265-5250 or visit

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