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Letter to the Editor – Dennis Horton

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Dear Editor: 

Thanks for your paper.  It truly is one of the best.  

In last week’s editorial, Dennis asked the question if the Keystone XL pipeline was worth our time, due to the lower oil prices at present and the long-term impacts to oil revenues for the state of Wyoming. 

In my opinion, our friendship with our neighbors to the north in Canada is an asset, and we should do all we can to cement that relationship. Historically, we have purchased oil from the Middle East, Venezuela, Colombia and other countries, and they seem to increase their hate and discontent toward the United States. Our money has provided a basis for terrorism and other unsightly criminal acts, such as beheading Americans, in those countries. I would much prefer that we partner with a consistent ally rather than countries that tend to harbor individuals who want to harm the United States.  

In answer to the question if we presently need Keystone, maybe not, but we absolutely will. As a nation, it is in our best interest to invest when we can. Our future in ag is very tied to our cost of production, which, as you well know is directly correlated to the cost of oil globally. In my opinion, Keystone XL would bring much-needed jobs to the U.S., and those jobs would provide a valuable tax base. 

It is time we stop depending on the Middle East. Our young men and women are far too valuable. If the Keystone pipeline can offer us some energy independence with a significant ally and neighbor versus regions of the world that continue to demonstrate their distaste for the United States then it is in the best interest of our nation to proceed and prepare for our energy needs in the future.  

In regard to the question concerning Wyoming’s roads and schools, I am confident that our mineral industry will continue to support the interest of the state of Wyoming and that Keystone XL provides a valuable alternative to Middle East oil.  


Thank you, 

Dennis Horton 


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