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I’m Proud Of Them

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

      “It will be ok” were the last words I heard from Saige, the Roundup’s managing editor, as she headed out the door for a 10-day trip to India with the Wyoming Business Council’s L.E.A.D. program. I trusted her words, but knowing that the deadline for the Winter Cattlemen’s Special Edition was coming up, I did have some concerns. 

We have a great team here at the Roundup, as a lot of you realize, and they are easy to brag on. Despite the comforting words from Saige, I knew caffeine was going to be the main course for the team in the next couple of weeks. Natasha was in Denver, Colo. for the National Western Stock Show, as was Curt. He was also preparing for bull sales, either taking pictures of bulls or visiting with seedstock producers, and selling ads for the Winter Cattlemen’s. Amanda was building a bull sale catalogue and ads for the special edition, and don’t forget – she was laying out the weekly edition of the Roundup that goes out each Friday evening. Denise, Jody and Curt sold a record number of ads for the special edition, and TV and April certainly helped out. Andrea was up to her neck in circulation, bookkeeping, the logistics of inserts and making sense out of everything, and she even spent a couple mornings writing news briefs. Helping Saige and Natasha with the writing, Gayle, Rebecca and Teresa were finishing up their stories of Sheridan County’s ranchers and farmers, and Saige also had to review all the stories for both the special edition and the weekly Roundup

In the end, the special edition was proofed by all and was sent out as an insert in the Jan. 24 Roundup. It was the largest special edition we’ve ever had, and I think it was also the best ever.

We want to thank all of you who made it great, including those who placed ads. We are especially grateful to those farmers, ranchers and ag businesses from Sheridan County who allowed Saige, Natasha and Rebecca to visit their homes and businesses or who visited on the phone with correspondents. As we say, there is a story down every road. We also thank those who pointed us down those roads towards the stories and all the interesting families. 

Farmers and ranchers always say that they don’t do anything different from anyone else, but in reality they all are unique. Neighbors always say, “I’ve known them for years, and I sure didn’t know…” It’s always interesting to learn more about what your neighbor does with their land and livestock, or to get a little more insight on their family history while reading about them in one of the past special editions. For those who want extra editions, please give us a call. We’re more than happy to send out extra copies to anyone you think might enjoy the edition.

I heard a number of years ago from an elderly rancher that he thought a “good hand” was someone who always got the job done, no matter what kind of a horse they were on. I believe that to be true, and it holds true for the Roundup Team. In the cowboy term, they are great hands. I’m honored to work with them and you, the readers and customers of the Roundup

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