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Murray counts business background as a benefit in Secretary of State campaign

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Fourth generation Wyomingite Ed Murray of Cheyenne says his business background is a good fit for the office of Secretary of State. 

“I am a businessman running for the business office for the state of Wyoming, taking my unique background and extensive business experience, which will suit that office well in serving the people of Wyoming,” Murray comments. 

Born and raised in Laramie County, he grew up in an ag setting. However, business is deep within his roots. 

“My Granddad owned Wyoming’s first insurance agency called Ed Murray and Sons in 1887,” Murray says. “As a young man, I chose to go out with a used pickup truck and trailer and started my own development and investment company.”

To date, his company has helped to build the community, constructing housing developments, churches, schools, parks and entire neighborhoods. 


Murray notes he isn’t a politician but decided to run for office for several reasons.

“One of the pillars of my platform is freedom,” Murray explains, “including the freedom to pursue dreams and freedom from the unreasonable rules and regulations that small businessmen and women face.” 

He hopes to continue to facilitate a business-friendly environment. 

Secondly, Murray looks to provide an environment allowing future generations to succeed.

He says, “It is motivating for me that our future generations – our children, our grandchildren and generations yet unborn – will be able to pursue good jobs, choose to live in Wyoming and enjoy the freedom to pursue their dreams as I was able to do.”

Finally, Murray believes that it is an appropriate time for him to serve Wyoming.

“I believe our founding fathers contemplated that the future of our country would depend on ordinary citizens stepping forward at the appropriate time and for the appropriate office to serve the people,” he comments. “I believe we need a new perspective in government, and I am answering that call for service.”


Murray’s campaign is based around four principles. 

“My first platform is to modernize and make automatic those portions of the business office of the Secretary of State’s office that need updated,” he explains. 

Included in Murray’s business office improvements are automatic and online of renewals and business paperwork. 

Additionally, as Chief Elections Officer, Murray hopes to provide greater voting accessibility, with the goal of higher voter turnout.

“We are discussing new technologies to facilitate voter accessibility,” he says. “I am meeting with every county clerk to discuss, on a county-by-county basis, how I can help facilitate their goals.”

Boards and commissions

Murray will also take his knowledge and expertise to the boards and commission the Secretary of State serves on. 

“With respect to the State Loan and Investment Board, I’m a very strong advocate for investing more of our Wyoming wealth with a higher degree of predictability,” he explains, noting that local governments require more predictability in funding.

On the land commission, Murray expresses support for agriculture. 

“I will continue to foster the important balance we must have that enables the fabric of our state – the stock growers – to continue to pursue their livelihoods while ensuring the mineral and outdoor recreation industries are balanced,” he explains. “I support multiple use.”


Finally, Murray seeks to reduce fraud and scams in Wyoming. 

“The office of the Secretary of State is a lean, mean, efficient service machine, and it is my hope that we will be able to use the revenue that we already generate for the purposes of making us even more effective,” Murray says. 

To best utilize funds and reduce fraud, he would add an investigative officer to the staff to coordinate with state and federal agencies to identify scams or potential fraud.

“In being business friendly, we can also invite fraud and scams,” he comments. “Wyoming has been dealing with shell companies that can be utilized for money laundering or perpetuation of fraud and scams to the detriment of innocent people.”

Ag connection

Murray notes that the agriculture industry is one he closely identifies with and sees as important.

“There is nothing that fills my heart and soul more than being out in God’s Country and being with the ag community,” he remarks. “I feel as I am part of the fabric of the ag industry.”
He continues that the agriculture industry is a pillar of the state and says, as Secretary of State, he will be sensitive to the industry’s needs, as well as proud of the importance of agriculture within the state.

“I’m a true Wyoming Republican conservative,” he comments. “I consider this campaign and the opportunity to go out and meet thousands of new friends a great blessing, and I look forward to serving the people of Wyoming.”

Saige Albert is managing editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and can be reached at

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