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Randall plays an instrumental role in 4-H

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Goshen County 4-H member Brittany Randall is ending her 11th year of participating in 4-H, but she is not ready to quit 4-H just yet. She is a recent graduate from Southeast High School in Yoder, and she vows to remain a part of 4-H through collegiate and alumni clubs. 

“Joining 4-H has definitely helped me with traveling opportunities to places like Washington D.C. and has helped me interact with other kids from across the nation who are also involved with 4-H,” comments Randall. 

“It’s great to see how 4-H works in other states,” she added. “For example, in Georgia, performing arts is a big part of 4-H, where here, it is more livestock. I thought that was cool to see how different projects are bigger in different states.”


Projects Randall has participated in with 4-H are raising sheep and goats and showing almost every livestock species there is. She has also competed in photography, food, horticulture, visual arts and shooting sports. 

“I would have to say goats have been my favorite project thus far,” notes Randall. “It is never boring when I am around goats, and they always do something funny.”

Randall also acknowledges 4-H for her improved ability in public speaking through presentation contests held at the 4-H National Conference. During one year, Randall presented to the Department of Transportation. 

“I’ve come a long way – from being a quiet shy kid who wouldn’t talk to anyone to a kid who is now accustomed to talking to everyone about everything that I do,” says Randall. “Public speaking is certainly a skill 4-H has helped me develop.”

Favorite memories

While Randall has thoroughly enjoyed every year she has been in 4-H since she was eight years old, she notes that her first year was a particularly memorable year. 

“My first year of 4-H is one of my favorite memories with the organization because I was able to show my projects and really get to know what 4-H was all about,” explains Randall. 

Randall also mentions she wants kids to experience the fun associated with 4-H and to try something new by showing a project in any area that they are interested in.  

“It doesn’t matter about the first place ribbon. As long as kids are trying and having fun, that is what it’s all about,” proclaims Randall. 

“Some of my most fondest memories are helping kids who are just beginning 4-H and may be having a tough time getting started,” describes Randall. “When an older member like me comes and helps them out, it brightens their day and puts a smile on their face.” 

Trend spotters

One of Randall’s most recent activities with 4-H is creating one of the first jacket designs for the 4-H Mall and becoming a 4-H Trend Spotter. Her jacket design displays the 4-H clover, as well as members’ pins, name, state and club on their jacket. 

Randall came up with the idea of the Trend Spotters jacket by combining the look of her 4-H Wyoming State Leadership team jacket she won in 2013 and her FFA jacket.

“The Trend Spotters really loved my idea, and I was able to speak with them at their Youth at Heart days in Washington, D.C.,” describes Randall. “Everyone was wearing the jacket when I was there, and it was really neat.”

Randall will be featured in the 2015 4-H Mall catalogue in her Trend Spotter jacket as 4-H’s first Trend Spotter. 

Future plans

“I would like to be a 4-H leader someday,” states Randall. “A couple of years ago, I began coaching kids for wool judging, horse judging and vegetable judging, and I enjoyed it a lot.”

Until Randall returns to 4-H as a leader, she is planning on attending Northwest College in Powell this fall to double major in agriculture education and equine riding and training. 

“I definitely want to be either an ag teacher or an Extension agent,” states Randall. “Those are my main goals, but I enjoy anything involving agriculture.”

Madeline Robinson is editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and can be reached at

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