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TMR Tracker improves feed efficiency

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Feed is one of the most expensive inputs for producers, and producers are continuously seeking any tools or management practices that will help reduce feed costs. 

The company Digi-Star has created a product called the TMR Tracker – a software programming system that connects all of the feeding phases on an operation together, from the office computer, to the feed mixer, to delivering feed to the cattle.

“As a company we have progressed and brought in computer software to help capture information about a producers’ feeding operations and input that data into a feed management program,” says Robin Starkenburg, Digi-Star’s marketing manager. “That data will then ultimately be put into a farm management system.” 

Starkenburg adds, “We want to help improve feed efficiency and help control feed costs for agriculture producers.” 


TMR Tracker uses a radio transmitter or a USB memory stick to communicate information to all the different pieces of equipment on an operation.

Depending on a producer’s area and location, the radio signal can transmit up to one mile. 

Rations, feed ingredients and different feed groups of animals are inputted into the office computer, so the software program automatically calculates the exact amounts and proportions of feed that needs to be put into a feed mixer. 

The information is then relayed to the feed mixer, where the feed amounts can be recalculated automatically if the number of animals or the amount of feed allotted to those animals changes.

During recalculation the feed mixer still maintains the correct proportions of the ration recipe. 

The TMR Tracker also records and relays the exact amount of feed to the office computer when being loaded into the feed mixer. 

Animals refusing to eat and leaving that feed in the bunks can also be calculated and recorded by the TMR Tracker and sent back to the office computer.


A compilation of all the recordings by the TMR Tracker can be condensed and incorporated into management reports, charts and graphs by the office computer to display all of the feeding aspects of an operation. 

These reports can give a clear insight into the tangible amounts of feed animals are receiving and consuming and an inventory of the amount of feed that is left on an operation. 

Producers can also show these management reports to a nutritionist to obtain a better insight on what the cattle are doing and if the nutritional requirements of those cattle are being met.  

At any time while using the TMR Tracker, producers can contact help either through either TMR Tracker Online or by tech support. 

Other Products

TMR Tracker Online also automatically saves data to a database online to further protect a producer’s records. This data can also be viewed and manage remotely through TMR Tracker Mobile. 

“As a company we are always looking for ways to improve the cattle feeding industry and enhance the technology used to benefit both dairy and beef operations,” states Starkenburg.


Other products Digi-Star has developed to bring more benefits to agricultural producers are livestock scales and scales in grain carts that are able to capture the weight, time, date and a specific field where a load of crops was harvested from.

Digi-Star also has developed a program called Autolog that automatically records the weights of a harvest through the engagement of the PTO shaft on equipment. There is no need for a worker to push a start and stop button.

“No load will be forgotten and allows producers to have more flexibility and not have to worry about a load not being recorded,” says Starkenburg. 

Future products

In the next few weeks Digi-Star will be releasing their newest product – the Moisture Tracker. This handheld instrument will allow producers to analyze the dry matter and the moisture content in animal feed in less than five minutes. 

The Moisture Tracker will allow producers to be able to analyze their feed on their operation to verify it has the same nutrient content they need to feed their animals. 

“We are continuing to evolve as a company to make advancements for producers, and we encourage people to visit our website and provide us with feedback as to what they are looking for,” Starkenburg says. 

Madeline Robinson is the assistant editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and can be reached at 


Digi-Star is a global agricultural technology precision company that focuses on a number of aspects in the agricultural industry. 

They are also a global supplier of electronic sensing equipment and have facilities for their company in the United Stated, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia and Paraguay.

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