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Our Fragile Life

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

God sent us a reminder last week of just how fragile our lives are when we lost one of our valued friends of the Roundup team. Tracy Alger died suddenly on May 16, leaving a young family.  

      Tracy worked with us at the Roundup for some years, and during the years that I have been involved, I considered her a close friend first and a valued member of the team. She was dedicated to agriculture, especially youth in ag and the Roundup. She was unselfish with her time to a fault. 

When designing ads and putting the paper together, she was a one-person quality control team. If you didn’t meet her standards, she was honest in letting you know. Between her and Jennifer Womack, I heard, “We don’t do that at the Roundup,” a few times in my first year. 

She will be missed by all. Our love goes to her family and our thanks to God for the memories that will stay with us always.

“To me, the universe has an immense emptiness in it that was not there last week. Tracy may have been small in stature, but her spirit was so substantial it possessed its own gravity. She had a supernatural ability to make people want to be her friend. It was a magical mixture of openness, friendliness and carefree will that the Lord reserves for a special few individuals. I really can’t express in words the void that her passing has left in my heart. She was more of a sister to me than a friend or a co-worker. I will miss her presence in my life, and to me, the world is a darker place without her presence. Rest in peace, my friend.” – Curt

“When I first came to the Roundup, Tracy was one of a handful of “kids” in the office. They were so welcoming, and she quickly became like a daughter to me. We were a little family at the office. Her personality lit up any room when she walked in. Her humor, honesty, loyalty – and the list goes on and on – were all things that I admired about Tracy. If she was your friend, she’d go to the end of the earth to defend you. I loved and cherished her wit, her smile and her laughter. I’ll miss our chats and the stories about her children, and I’ll miss her. There’s so much – so many stories and so many memories – we could spend hours just reminiscing. I loved Tracy, and I always will. She was an amazing person who we will remember forever.” – Jody

“Working for the Roundup blessed my life with Tracy’s everlasting friendship. Her contagious personality with a smile that lit up the room, her stories and her laughter are things I loved. She was that once-in-a-lifetime amazing person who will never be forgotten. She left footprints on our hearts to forever be remembered.” – Denise 

“I only met Tracy a few times, but from those few times of being able to talk with her, listen to her hilarious stories and experience her vibrant character, it is easy to see why she was so loved by the Roundup crew. My thoughts and prayers go out to her loved ones, and I will continue to enjoy hearing wonderfully entertaining stories about Tracy.” – Amanda

“All too often, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle – the work, the plans, the gossip, the friends – to really understand how precious life is. Tracy taught me to relax and really just enjoy the little moments. She was probably one of the most bubbly, fierce women I have ever met. Trac was vivacious. Passionate about everything. She loved life. And she loved her kids. The world isn’t the same without Tracy, but then, who could expect it to be? A little piece of her lives in all of us, as long as we remember to live our lives like Tracy would – with an unbridled energy and conquer-the-world attitude.” – Saige 

“I feel so blessed to have worked with Tracy and to have the opportunity to call her my friend. She had a way of making the weekly paper, building ads and special editions exciting.  We were always looking forward to seeing her work and what her next idea would be.  I’m so grateful for the memories I have and her laughter I can hear when I picture her smile. She was one of a kind.  My thoughts and prayers are with all who knew her. We have some great memories to cherish and share.” – Andrea

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