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Christmas Is

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

This Christmas, as we sit down to celebrate with friends, family and those closest to us, its important to remember how wonderful our lives are. Sure, we complain about the government, environmental activists and, from time to time, our neighbors, but this season, it’s time to be thankful for the many blessings we do have.

This poem was written by a Wyoming native from Moorcroft, and in it, she really captures the spirit of the Christmas season.

Christmas Is

Christmas is cuttin’ down a Christmas tree

With the whole family

And popcorn on a string.

Christmas is secrets about the gifts you’ll make

All of the goodies you’ll bake

And the loved ones you’ll see.


Christmas is ridin’ in the chore pickup

Hopin’ that you don’t get stuck

Because of all the snow.

Christmas is candlelight and church services,

Sharing Jesus ‘cuz, like Daddy says,

“Everybody needs to know.”


Christmas is gettin’ out the old songbook

Takin’ time to take a look

For Christmas ones.

Christmas is hangin’ lights on the houses outside

Ice skatin’ and gettin’ a good glide

And havin’ fun.


Christmas is baking up a load of things,

Going out Christmas caroling,

Smilin’ big when you’re through.

Christmas is an early morning and stockings hung,

Stuffed with an orange in each one

And some candy too!


Christmas is a moment of peace and calmness,

Thanking God for how we’ve been blessed

By the baby born.

Christmas is a moment of celebration,

Hope for our nation

Each and every morn!

– Trinity Lewis


So this Christmas, take a minute to appreciate those things that we have and enjoy so much. From all of us at the Roundup, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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