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PLC calls for wild horse info

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

PLC announced they are collecting information on the impacts of wild horse and burro populations. See their release below.

We are seeking information regarding the negative impacts of wild horse and burro (WHB) populations on ranchers, both on and off public lands. Our goal is to compile enough cases across the entire wild horse range to identify common themes. We would like to gather from you short descriptions of examples where ranchers were harmed, ideally prior to Annual Meeting  (Sept 4). Some of you may have many examples! While we can delve into details later, for now it would be most helpful to know:
·         Where the member located;
·         What District or Forest are they are on or near;
·         What horse herd is impacting them;
·         What actions have been taken (or not taken) by the agency in their area, and how has that action/inaction impacted them?  This could include grazing reductions because:
o   BLM/USFS issued a decision to reduce grazing due to WHB pressures—whether that population was within or in excess of appropriate management level (AML).
o   WHB encroachment on private/state lands caused a decrease in forage available for livestock.
o   Blame for resource damage (on riparian areas, etc.) was placed on livestock, when horses were having documented impacts.
·         We’re also looking for instances where BLM announced a gather but withdrew it or otherwise failed to complete it, and a rancher was harmed.
·         Also of interest: times where BLM conducted a gather, but the negative impacts to the resources were not alleviated, and a rancher was harmed.

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