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Big Jack Rabbit hunt held

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

A headline in the Feb. 27, 1913 local newspaper proclaimed, Big Jack Rabbit Hunt.” Following are several excerpts from that story”

About 17 men went out on Jack creek on Sunday morning to rid the ranches in that area of Jack Rabbits, which were eating up considerable feed from the stock.

The men all lined up at Jack Creek Lane and started up the creek in a long line spread out taking in the valley, and they hadn’t gone far before the Jacks began to run. Well, run they did, in every direction of the compass. And the cannonading started with a roar that lasted until they came into camp around noon just below the Blydenburgh ranch.

After dinner some shooters started part way up the creek and the rest took a back track. When the final round up was made 108 Jacks were piled up that would never bother the ranchers again.

There were any number of rabbits that got away before anyone could get in gun range, and a great many that were smoked up that left for parts unknown when they felt the tingle of shot in their fur.

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