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The Right Action

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

    Our Wyoming Legislature is over half way through its session, and the crossover has started, meaning that approved House bills are now in the Senate and vice versa. As always, we can be proud of the work they have done while in the Capitol.

The big issue in the first half seemed to be the Department of Education bill establishing a Director of Education and limiting the duties of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  It was confusing to a number of us just what was wrong, why the bill was needed, how the legislature could do this to someone who was elected, and why they didn’t just impeach the State Superintendent?  The bill went through the legislature in not much time and without much opposition, so we all thought that there must be a lot more to it than what we knew.  It was one of those times that we just had to have good faith in our legislature and know they were most likely taking the right action.

There have also been a number of bills concerning guns this session. Guns have been an emotional subject this year due to the reaction by the President, Congress and others by recent murders in public places like schools.  One can’t label the crimes committed horrendous enough, but guns don’t kill, people do.  We in Wyoming absolutely support the Second Constitutional Amendment as a right to own firearms, and there have been a number of bills in the Legislature supporting those values.  Some I think some have went too far, such as being allowed to carry a deadly weapon into a courtroom or a concealed weapon into a school or a college campus.  So far our legislatures have agreed it is not the right action to take and have voted down the bills.

As usual, when one side takes a stance far to one side, those with the opposite opinion take a stance far to the other side, and there is all of this room in the middle left.  We should be able to honor the Second Amendment completely and not have a complete free-for-all with guns – that is the right action with common sense.      


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