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See You There

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Big happenings are planned for Casper during the week of Dec. 10-13, as the Wyoming Section of the Society of Range Management, the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts and the Wyoming Stock Growers Association will all get together for the Wyoming Natural Resources Rendezvous. Any way one looks at it, this is a powerful gathering in the state and should attract many leaders, both political and industry wide, from in state and across the country, and if that’s the case you should be here also.
    It doesn’t matter if you belong to one of these organizations or not, if you are involved in natural resources, agriculture or range science, you need to be there to learn, meet others, share your views and have fun, these days all are important in our lives. If you can’t be there the full time, hunt up an agenda and see where you need to be – there is something for everyone, and I can’t stress that enough. If you have a few grey hairs, make sure the kids show up. It’s their world, too.
    The world of natural resources and business has changed drastically in the past few years, with ongoing drought and a changing financial and political climate. We see a lot of our issues coming from Washington, D.C. To say times have changed for us is an understatement. We will have to learn  how to deal with them or sink with them.
    A good example is this past week, I attended a local county stock growers group meeting and a resolution was passed to bring to the Wyoming Stock Growers Committee meetings that said, “Be it resolved that the Wyoming Legislature pass a constitutional amendment to protect and preserve agriculture and the rights of farmers and ranchers in the state of Wyoming.” It is a great statement, but what has our country come to that we need to have such a statement in writing in our constitution to protect ourselves? The same goes for the hunting and trapping amendment we just passed in the November election. How did this country go so wrong that these precious rights have to be in writing besides our national constitution? I, like you, strongly support both amendments.
    Dec. 10 is going to be an informative start to the Rendezvous with the “Making a Plan” program with Dave Pratt, who has presented the “Ranching for Profit” workshops for many years. Everyone who has attended one of these workshops said it has changed their lives positively. Monday morning will focus on the topic of effective relationships on family ranches, while the afternoon will look at the three secrets of increasing profit.     
    Tuesday will feature the Progressive Resource Manager Forum, with 20 different sessions on a wide range of topics, such as management, climate and drought, range, wildfire restoration and sage grouse. Wednesday will be filled with some 21 different committees meetings – a great time to discuss your concerns. Thursday will be for business meetings and visiting with Congressional and Legislative members. Don’t forget all the evenings are filled with fun and socializing.
    There is something for everyone – it’s true – and you should come. See you there.

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