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Opinion by James Goodrich

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

This will be said many times in many ways, but this is truly a milestone event for our state and our agriculture community.

We have increased and enhanced many of our activities and attractions for 2012, but at the same time, we have not lost track of our core mission and values. The youth competitions and providing a venue for the people of our state to enjoy and stay in touch remain intact. We must be willing to embrace change in order to keep our facility and events as a viable part of life in Wyoming. As communication, transportation and areas of interest change, we must keep in mind the many options that our citizens have on which to spend their time and money.

The youth and educational components of Wyoming State Fair best represent the core values we hold. In order to attract exhibitors as well as spectators we must offer a progressive atmosphere that has entertainment and networking opportunities within a clean, safe environment. In other words “people should want to attend.”

We are striving to maintain a facility and produce an annual state fair that offers a “balanced package” and satisfies many interests. The concept is much like selection for multiple traits in a livestock or horse breeding program, and requires using a long-term, balanced approach. Those who attend state fair this year will notice many improvements to the fairgrounds from one end to the other. The entire state fair staff, Department of Agriculture staff, State of Wyoming Construction Management staff, as well as staff and volunteers from cooperating agencies and organizations, deserve a very big thank you for their efforts in making these improvements possible.

Since the beginning of the planning process for the 100th Wyoming State Fair, our primary objective has been, “This is the beginning of the next 100 fairs, not only then end of the first 100 fairs.”

On behalf of everyone who has served on committees, worked as staff, participated in activities, and contributed toward fund raising, we welcome you to attend the 100th Wyoming State Fair in Douglas and allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy an activity that has been described as “what a fair really should be.”

Our theme for this year, “Times Change, Traditions Remain,” sums it up very nicely!

Please join us!

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