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WLSB makes tags available

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Cheyenne – The Wyoming Livestock Board (WLSB) currently has a limited supply of orange brucellosis Official Calfhood Vaccination RFID (OCV-RFID) tags available for use in heifers belonging to Wyoming cattle producers that specifically request them.     
    Veterinarians may order the tags by calling the WLSB office in Cheyenne at 307-777-7515.
    These tags are only to be used in place of (not in addition to) the orange metal calf-hood vaccination (OCV) tags currently used in heifer calves. These OCV-RFID tags should not be used in cattle more than one year of age.
    Previously these tags were reserved for use only in heifers originating from Wyoming’s Brucellosis Designated Surveillance Area (DSA). However the WLSB now allows use of the OCV-RFID tags in heifers originating from all areas of Wyoming. The tags are not to be used for imported heifers allowed into Wyoming under quarantine to be vaccinated on arrival, unless a Wyoming producer purchases the animals specifically for breeding replacement stock.
    Additionally, the OCV-RFID tags may be used to participate in age and source verification programs, such as the Wyoming Business Council’s Wyoming Verified program.
    “This is a great opportunity for Wyoming producers. Producers can use the OCV-RFID tag for herd health management, to add value to heifer calves and obtain access to domestic and export markets requiring official tags,” says John Henn, the Wyoming Verified program manager. “With Japan likely raising the age limit from 20 to under 30 months of age on beef imports, using these tags in place of the orange metal tags allows producers to market any open yearling heifers as age and source verified. It also meets other states’ requirements of sexually intact females needing official tags.”
    When veterinarians complete the Brucellosis Vaccination Record (VS Form 4-24) after applying these OCV-RFID tags, the WLSB asks that the origin of the heifers be written on the face of the vaccination record. For example, if the heifers did not originate from the DSA, a statement similar to “heifers not from WY DSA” would suffice. The WLSB needs this information to help them more easily track where these OCV-RFID tags are being applied.
    At the present time there is not a charge for these tags – they’re currently funded through a federal grant from USDA-APHIS administered by the WLSB. This policy may change at any time, depending on availability of funding, and a charge for the OCV-RFID tags may be instituted in the future.
    For more information contact Wyoming State Veterinarian Jim Logan at 307-857-6131 or Wyoming Assistant State Veterinarian Bob Meyer at 307-777-7515.

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