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Christmas Contest Entries

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

“Down the fenceline I look,
where the cattle roam and eagles soar above,
where the horses drink from the brook,
that’s the Wyoming we all love!”
Photos and poem by: Logan Barlow
Milleg Ranch, Big Piney

Merry Christmas from Barnum
 by Jo Harlan, Barnum

My father-in-law Jim Harlan was becoming increasingly housebound, but drove by this tree daily. His birthday is Dec. 5, and one year he said for his gift he’d like the tree on the road decorated. He was a World War II veteran, so I used red, white and blue ornaments and garlands. We’ve decorated it every year for almost 15 years now – it’s the Barnum Road Christmas Tree, and every enjoys it. We call it Jim’s Tree. He passed away in 2002, and I took this photo a few years ago when the snow was just right.” – Lynn Harlan
Our country’s in a great recession, we are broke as we can be,
“Pay more taxes on the double,” says the Prez on my TV,
Fix our schools and make them “greener,” buy a hybrid Cadillac,
Borrow money for your college until China wants it back!
Find a job and spend your paycheck? No one knows just what is best,
World in chaos, no one loves us, I’m confused as all the rest,
But one thing I know for certain… Congress doesn’t have a clue!
Once again, it’s up to Barnum…. And we know just what to do!!
Barnum’s wise men often told us: you must live within your means,
If you don’t you’ll lose your ranches – then you’ll live on deer and beans!
Banks that lend you all that money, want it back – it isn’t free!
Try your best to make each payment, credit good for all to see.
Stay away from fighting neighbors; let them figure out their strife.
Always set a good example – love your children, love your wife!
Give each day your honest effort, living by the Golden Rule…
Barnum’s wise men, (Butch and Sundance)…. bad examples, but so cool!!
If Harlans, on the ranch in Barnum, saw the world’s economy,
They’d know, right now, our life is perfect – ranch is great, and so are we,
Livestock trailed down from the mountain, think the meadow grass is prime,
Markets great, the weather cooling, everything seems so sublime,
So Merry Christmas from the Harlans! Hoping life is swell for you,
May your New Year be outstanding, good times – many, bad times – few!
Christmas Greetings straight from Barnum – center of the universe.
It could be better – it’s not great, but could be worse!

C.O.A.L. (Christmas Objective: Absolute Love)
By Terry Henderson
Christmas gets so mercantile,
Our faith we overlook.
With shopping, trees and parties,
We quickly overbook.

Commercially, tradition counts
You naughty or as nice.
If you’ve been good, you’ll get some gifts,
If not, you’ll pay the price.

The custom is for naughty folks
To get a lump of coal.
I give you a lump today,
A symbol for your soul.

Because we are all sinners
We oft’ forget to love,
As we have been instructed
By our Savior from above.

Let this lump be a reminder
Of the searing heat we’ll face
If we ignore that order
While we struggle in this place.

Should any coal become enflamed,
Itself, it will destroy;
But pressurized, will turn to gem,
And bring unending joy.

Please accept this Christmas symbol
And never let it burn,
So when you face eternity
For Jesus, you’ll not yearn.

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