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Wyoming livestock genetics go online through Business Council website

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

The Wyoming livestock genetics industry can now be accessed at one location online through a recent project by the Wyoming Business Council’s livestock genetics program.

“The concept behind this page is to provide a one-stop website to access information on the livestock genetics industry in the state,” explains Wyoming Business Council Livestock Genetics Program Manager Scott Keith. “It will feature cattle and sheep, and, at some point, we’ll include the horse industry.”

The website was launched several weeks ago and can be found at

“I’m trying to develop a place like the Wyoming Hay List or websites, where Wyoming seedstock producers can link their websites,” explains Keith. “If they don’t have a website and want to develop a page, we can provide information for producers to do that, and link those promotional pieces to the page.”

National companies and major industry businesses with headquarters outside Wyoming will not qualify to place a link on the page, allowing Wyoming business to be highlighted.

“There will be some criteria from the producer side to be involved. They have to be specifically raising and selling livestock for their genetics. It won’t be for people just marketing calves,” explains Keith. “For industry links, there has to be a direct tie to genetics.”

Keith says AI and ultrasound technicians with genetics businesses in Wyoming also qualify, and he will serve as the mediator to determine qualifying businesses and producers.  

Keith emphasizes the website is not geared to provide free advertising for sales or events, but rather long-term promotion for Wyoming genetics operations and companies.

“I want to work to enhance what media outlets already do,” says Keith, noting the website is in its infancy and continues to develop.

“We’ll re-work the website as we expand,” says Keith. “Producer links, industry links and other links are available at the top of the page, and later the links will also feature producer logos. There is also a Facebook page for producers to use to interact.”

Keith explains the Facebook page will serve as a way to connect breeders and open lines of communication.

“Several years ago there were four producers from Argentina who met at SAREC and saw a need to develop a way to talk about production methods and operation beyond just semen or embryo sales to and from Argentina,” explains Keith. “An internal blog on our site is cumbersome, but the Facebook page provides a communication avenue. Also, if breeders have a contact page or email from their website, it provides instant access and opens communication.”

“Sales are changing,” says Keith. “The producers who are doing a good job of salesmanship are doing better than those who are just marketing.”
Keith says seedstock producers who identify the needs of commercial producers and explain how their product fits those needs have a lot better luck than those just putting up a sale advertisement.

“I see these trends through the production sale averages,” explains Keith. “Producers with higher production averages are those who are doing promotion on their own, rather than just advertising.”

Other links on the website will provide easy access to sale calendars and agriculture media sources related to Wyoming issues.

Along with links connecting producers and industry members, Wyoming Livestock Genetics also highlights the various components of the program, including livestock promotion opportunities at trade shows; one-on-one consulting and marketing plan development; assistance provided to various breed organizations; and international programs.

The website also allows Keith access to promotional materials for display during trade shows, making it easier for producers to provide display items to Keith.

“I can follow up with producers much easier through this website,” adds Keith.

Keith says, “I hope that I have a lot of people call or email me who are interested in being involved in the Wyoming livestock genetics website.”

For more information, call Scott Keith at 307-259-3274 or visit or Saige Albert is editor at the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and can be reached at

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