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Climate Change or Weather Change?

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

We have talked about global warming for years now, and Al Gore, who has been carrying the torch, has been the brunt of jokes for some time, and most of them have been self-induced. Despite the proven fact that global temperatures have risen 1.25 degrees in the 20th Century, and that they’re projected to rise 3.2 to 7.2 degrees in the 21st Century, all of this talk is controversial.  

Since 1995 there has been no proof that the earth has been warming, but just the opposite – some say we may be in a cooling period due to lack of sunspot activity. To my understanding, sunspot activity is cyclic, and we should be coming up on a period of increased activity. Remember, the last two winters we have had periods of really cold temperatures, which is something we really haven’t seen for some time. Last winter, while piling on more coats, we all asked, “Whatever happened to global warming?”

Global warming has turned out to be something of a fraud. The movement has modified its name and is now known as climate change. I can buy the idea of “climate change” because, ever since God’s hands formed our earth, the climate has been changing. Now a number of people are talking about weather change, and anyone with a fair memory or who kept good diaries can attest that the weather does change with time.  

On a blog on Drovers/Cattle Network, one person wrote, “If and when there is significant and accelerated warming, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) models project, I’d be the first to call for human attempts at intervention by reducing CO2 emissions or whatever was necessary to preserve our beautiful, fragile planet and its critters. Since there’s no present sign of unprecedented (or any) further warming beyond the 1978-1998 period, I hope we can get back to the traditional conservation measures of preserving parts of the biosphere and their ecosystems. If people would only look at the actual temperature record and sea level record, they would not be so scared by IPCC alarmist projections, and we could proceed on the basic of knowledge and not fear.”  

I am not alone in believing that global warming was almost intended as a political movement, and they found out that it didn’t work – enough Americans didn’t buy that story, thank goodness. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this issue, but it does seem to be winding down.

As you have noticed, the annual Fall Cattlemen’s Edition is inserted in your Roundup this week. Christy, Saige and others have been out and about Big Horn County this summer writing the stories for the edition. Preparing this edition and the Winter Cattlemen’s Edition is always fun, as we all get to meet new friends and learn so much about the county on which we focus. Big Horn County may not be one of the biggest counties in the state, but it is certainly one of the more diverse counties. From forest to desert and crops to all kinds of livestock, Big Horn has it all, including, like the rest of the state, warm, friendly people.       


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