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They Fixed it – or Did They?

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Our United States avoided a default last Tuesday before the midnight deadline, as the U.S. Senate passed their part of the budget and the President signed it.

When listening to the U.S. House, Senate and our President after they all did their part, one would have thought they’d all stepped in some stink in Washington, not that that is hard to do, but they all dug their own hole, in this case.

One of the main reasons for passing this piece of legislation – emergency legislation – besides to increase our nation’s $14.3 trillion cap on borrowing so we can pay our bills, and even that was debated, was to keep this country’s Standard and Poor’s triple A ratings. There are also two other major ratings agencies where a negative rating would hurt the country, and some say the ratings will drop anyway, based on the economy and Congress’s reluctance to fix the issue.

There lies the main issue: how do our leaders in Congress fix the issues that this President and Congress helped grow from bad to worse? The spending, as I understand it, started during George W. Bush’s tenure, but really accelerated with President Obama and his spend, spend and spend actions. It did slow up when the Republicans took control of the U.S. House at the last election, and I shouldn’t say just the Republicans – I know the Tea Party also played a major role in stopping the spending.

Now that the voting is over, almost everyone is criticizing the bill. The Democrats did lose on this one, and the Tea Partiers, by holding tough to their values, won. This process was helped by the President, who mostly just stood by, as he did with the stimulus spending, Obamacare and now this deficit bill. On all three issues he told the Democrats in Congress to develop the bills and get them passed and he would sign them. Now the Democrats have caught on, and if you think they’re really mad at the President, they must be furious with the Tea Party.

We now need to do our part as responsible citizens of this country and elect more conservatives to Congress and a President who doesn’t have the word “spend” in his or her vocabulary. Thank God we have conservatives who represent Wyoming in Congress – with their voting records they can hold their heads high.  

Our country is in a mess these days, and we can’t spend our way out of it. We all will have to hurt a little to dig out of the hole, and by “hurt” I don’t mean being taxed or raising taxes only on some. Some want a national sales tax, which may not be a bad idea, because a sales tax is always fair, but I really agree with the Tea Party and others who want a balanced budget bill passed, or an amendment to the Constitution. Some say an action like that would hurt in a recession, but if you knew it was in place, you could plan on it. It’s kind of like legislating values – we shouldn’t have to, but some are so ignorant it’s necessary.


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