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Another verification option now available for feeder calf health

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Boehringer  IngelheimVetmedica (BIVI) is launching a new Range Ready (RR) Quality Feeder Calf Health program, which is designed to help producers verify their use of a quality animal health program while aiding buyers in finding cattle that have been properly vaccinated and pre-conditioned.
“I spent 9 years in the field, and this was something I thought about a lot. When I entered the marketing side of BIVI we put a team in place and started building this program from the ground up. We launched it at the NCBA Annual Trade Show and Convention this January, and since then our reps have been working at the grassroots level to inform producers, vets, dealers and sale barn owners of this opportunity,” explains BIVI Brand Manager Monica Porter.
One key aspect of the program is its user-friendly design that keeps the producer in mind.
“Producers can go to, and click on the Feeder Calf Program link on the right hand side. Once there, they can choose to enroll their herd, which consists of entering a name and address. From there they can leave, or continue and enter their animals by tag number,” explains Porter. “A lot of time and energy went into making this simple and easy to use. They can enter and leave the website, and add information, at their convenience. They don’t have to do everything at once.”
As of press time, animals had to be entered individually by tag number. But, beginning the second week in March, producers will be able to enter a range of tag numbers.
“They will be able to type in one starting number, then put in a hyphen, and follow with the ending number,” notes Porter. “After entering the tag numbers, there are a series of drop down boxes where they can select the BIVI products they have administered to their calves. They will be asked to select all the products they used, and will need the serial number off the vaccine bottle for verification, along with the vaccine’s expiration date and the date they worked their calves.”
After completing the list of vaccinations that calves have received , the producer can print off a certificate and pass that along when he sells his calves. Producers are also expected to have calves that are entered in the program to be weaned for 45 days and bunk-broke.
“We are also working with Western Livestock Video Auction, and are very excited about that opportunity. Our RR program will be in their catalogs, and they will likely be using the RR logo on lots that are enrolled in the program,” notes Porter.
She adds that the RR program is an umbrella, under which the feeder calf program is one component.
“We’re most excited about being the first company to offer the producer, vet and livestock dealer with a set of herd health management tools that can be used to help the entire herd from birth on. Under the RR umbrella there is also a Health Warranted Breeding Stock Program designed for seedstock producers.
“Most of these producers start out working their cattle without knowing their destiny. They may plan on keeping an animal in a group as a bull or replacement heifer, but not every animal will meet their selection criteria. At weaning they may make the decision to pull certain animals from the registered side and market them through a traditional marketing channel. If they have been using BIVI products from birth, at weaning those animals that are pulled off can go right into the RR Feeder Calf Program,” explains Porter.
“Those bulls and heifers that are kept can transition into the RR Health Warranted Breeding Stock Program, and they will have a limited health warranty that covers a disease caused by an antigen covered in the program. The limited health warranty lasts for six months after the last round of vaccinations, and is transferable,” says Porter.
As an example, she provides the scenario of vaccinating bulls a month prior to an operation’s annual production sale. On sale day the breeder can transfer that animal’s warranty to the buyer, and he will have it for the remaining five months.
“With the breeding stock program we also have a warranty on our Express FP, stating that if an animal gives birth to a permanently infected BVD animal, and she tests negative, we will reimburse the producer for market value of the calf,” notes Porter.
“From the program point of view, we offer something that starts at birth and goes all the way up. Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ, and Alpha 7, a producer can cover all the major antigens with only two syringes, and that really increases convenience.
“We are most proud of our program for the people. We want for each operation to be able to pass their farm or ranch on to the next generation. If they give us the chance to partner on the animal health side, we are happy to be a small contributor to the  operation’s continued success. This RR program is designed to support everything an operation has been working on for generations, and become a partner in their health management goals,” says Porter.
Heather Hamilton is editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and can be reached at

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