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God Bless Gore

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Thanks to Al Gore’s global warming – “climate change” to the politically correct, our government was shut down in Washington, D.C. in the past couple of weeks because of large snow storms that left up to three feet of snow.
Our federal government and, to some extent, Congress were at a standstill so our President and others in our Capitol city really didn’t have a chance to goof up, thanks to the weather. Our President did create a new agency to report on our climate change. Maybe our Congressional Delegation should have held a snow dance during the health care debate, weather permitting. It’s hard to believe some of us would want harsh weather in Washington, D.C. so our government is brought to a standstill, and one has to take luck when it comes your way. A couple of deep snowstorms are a humbling experience when we realize there are some things we can’t control and only the Lord rules the weather.    
Our nation’s Capitol and the Mid-Atlantic States along with the Midwest have really been hammered this winter. Some parts of the U.S. and even the northeast part of Wyoming has been hit hard since Christmas. The southern West Coast has had record rains to cope with, plus the landslides and flooding that goes with them.
Around the world, England and parts of Europe have also been hit hard by winter, but not western Wyoming, which is used to snow. Of all places, Vancouver, Canada, where the Winter Olympics have started, has had to truck in snow for the athletes to compete. What gives? Here around the Casper area we have had less than an inch in the last month and really have had moderate temperatures to deal with.    
Last fall, the National Weather Service and Don Day Weather were at odds on what kind of weather Wyoming would have this winter. Don Day said it would be lots of snow and cold, while the National Weather Service reported we were to have a mild winter with the usual snow in the western mountains. Well, they’re both right so far. Remember, a weatherperson only has to be right 50 percent of the time to do the job correctly, and I believe Don Day is a lot better than that. It just seems that he gets it.
Despite all of the discussions around the world, most will agree that there is global warming. I’m among them, but instead of blaming it on our neighbors or ourselves, I feel it may be just a natural occurrence – the world has been warming and cooling since day one. I think we all have to do our part to lessen the carbon footprint, but I don’t believe it’s up to the U.S. to do more than others because China, India or other countries don’t wish to do anything. Remember, this planet belongs to all of us. Some have even turned global warming into a religion and are quick to defend it, way beyond passion, while others are trying to make a buck and some are even blaming a poor cow.
If the dog ate your homework when you were younger, you might get away with it.

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