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Race results tallied

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Casper – With the August Primary Election behind them, Wyoming’s successful political candidates are turning their eye toward the November General Election.
    The bid by four Republican candidates for a slot on the November ballot to be Wyoming’s lone Representative in the U.S. House proved to be this election’s most widely watched race. U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Cubin decided earlier this year not to seek re-election. Cynthia Lummis won the race with 33,143 votes compared to Mark Gordon’s 26,824, Bill Winney’s 8,537 and Michael Holland’s 3,153.
    “We’re very pleased about the outcome,” said Lummis during an Aug. 20 visit to the Roundup offices in Casper. “We attribute it to our volunteers. It was a very grassroots campaign. People in agriculture played a big role in our victory all across the state. Going into the General we think that’s going to be a big issue – the difference between urban versus rural values. We believe that an advantage in representing Wyoming is having grown up here, attending the University of Wyoming, soaking Wyoming into your soul. That’s an advantage that we think the Lummis Campaign has over the Trauner Campaign. Mr. Trauner was born and raised in New York and lives in Wilson, Wyo. in Teton County, which has a different approach than the rest of the state.”
    Lummis continued, “I’ve been fortunate to be positioned in the way I was raised to understand Wyoming pretty well. I’m gratified with the support and want to thank people in Wyoming agriculture.”
     “I congratulate and welcome Cynthia Lummis to this debate,” said Democratic candidate Gary Trauner in a prepared statement released Aug. 20, “and congratulate Mark Gordon on his hard-fought campaign and desire to bring meaningful change to Wyoming.”
    Trauner finished by noting that he vigorously disagrees with Sen. McCain’s proposal to renegotiate Western water rights. “I’ll stand up to anyone who doesn’t put Wyoming’s interests first, and I hope Cynthia uses this opportunity to join me in standing up for Wyoming ranchers and farmers.”
    Liberatarian candidate W. David Herbert, who received 185 votes in Tuesday’s election, will also appear on the November ballot.
    “We’re hitting the ground running,” said Lummis. “The sprint to the finish in this Primary has given us some momentum to keep moving forward. There will be no hiatus and it will be a seamless effort to get us to November.”
    Chris Rothfuss, a University of Wyoming professor, will appear on the Democratic ticket against U.S. Senator Mike Enzi this November. U.S. Senator John Barrasso will face Democratic opponent and Gillette attorney Nick Carter, who narrowly beat Keith Goodenough 12,310 votes to 12,006.
    In races for the Wyoming Legislature, incumbent Charles Scott beat opponent Tom Walters in a 1,253 to 804 vote in Senate District 30. Frank Peasley of Wheatland won the Republican bid in House District 3 against Randy Stevenson and Kirby Wilson. Peasley will face Democrat Terry Jones in the November election.
    According to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office, 104,635 people voted in the recent election.
    Jennifer Womack is managing editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and can be reached at

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