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We Are Proud

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

       Again this year we are focusing an issue of the Roundup on the College of Agriculture at the University of Wyoming. Before writing this column I took the time to just see what all is happening these days with the College of Ag. I started with the Ag College’s web page and then printed out the Agademics and AG NEWS publications. WOW! Knowing some of the professors, I wasn’t really surprised at the amount of work and research being done. I was impressed by how much of it relates directly to Wyoming. The fact is these guys down at Laramie are helping make our lives better.
    I hear that just this morning the Governor is asking the Legislature for funding to initiate research on developing a reliable vaccine for brucellosis. That is big news and would affect the whole livestock business not to mention the wildlife related businesses here in the state. The Governor would not have made that statement if he didn’t have faith in President Buchanan, Dean Galey and the College of Agriculture.
    I understand that enrollment is up at the College of Agriculture and that the Range classes are really full. I think that it is true that any student graduating from the Renewable Resources Department can find a job after graduating. That is something to brag about. With the new Wyoming Reclamation and Restoration Center students will have job security.
    I can’t think of anything more needed than the brucellosis vaccine and educating our youth on how to restore, reclaim or rehabilitate degraded or disturbed lands from whatever development from energy to small acreage to disturbance from range improvements. This Center is something we have needed for a long time. True, we have always had the important range classes, but this Center focuses on reclamation. As one drives across Wyoming you recognize the need for good reclamation. It’s something that needs to be based on science instead of opinion.
    As we have in the past, we need to continue to support the College of Agriculture. There are many ways to accomplish that besides showing up for the Ag Appreciation Weekend Sept. 26-27. Last year over 200 College of Ag students were awarded scholarships exceeding $346,000. Most of the scholarship donors came from Wyoming. Being a donor is as important as being a student. Both ensure the future for Wyoming.
    Try and be a part of the Ag Appreciation Weekend – it is the time for the College of Agriculture to shine. They are really proud of what they are doing and what they have accomplished in the last few years. Take the time to find out just what they have done in the last few years. I’ll bet not many of you can name all of the Departments in the College of Agriculture, not to mention what all they are doing. We also need to help recognize the 2008 honorees, Don Meike of Kaycee, Regina Rooney of Moran, the Whitney Benefits Inc of Sheridan and the Morris Foundation from Denver. Chances are we will see a good football game, too.

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