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A Good Man

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup


       Ever so often during our daily lives we think of someone who has earned our respect for doing their job exceptionally well. If that person has worked in government, their job has been that much tougher. Couple that obstacle with spending your working life in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and you really find yourself wearing a bull’s eye as you carry out work important to a countless number of people.
    I’m talking about Terry Cleveland, Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, who last week announced his retirement. Terry has been with the Game and Fish since 1969 and, as we all know, a lot has changed over those years and the agency has seen some tough times. But, as Governor Freudenthal stated, “Terry will leave the Game and Fish Department in very good condition heading into the future.”
    We all know Terry will leave the Department in good condition, which is his way of doing things. But as Terry quoted a wise man in his retirement announcement, “It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” What impressed us all was the style in which Terry made the journey. He thanked agriculture for its contributions to wildlife and the habitat the industry provides. The state’s ranchers and farmers do not hear that statement often enough and Terry shares his accolades for the state’s private landowners every time he’s given the chance.
    Mark Twain once said, “The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” We may disagree with Terry at times, something easy to do when you’re talking about wildlife and ag, but it has been done with respect by both parties the past four years. Terry always seems to know the right words to use.
    Over the last four years, those in ag have noticed a change in attitude by Game and Fish personnel toward ranchers and farmers. This attitude change has really made it easier to work toward common ground, a measure that has benefited Game and Fish, wildlife and habitat along with the state’s landowners. I will always remember Terry’s tenure for his ability to lead in this way. Now it is up to the Commission and the Governor to make sure we all stay the course that Terry so wisely set forth.
    The game birds and trout will catch heck in the coming years, as we wish Terry and his family good health and good hunting. As a result of Terry’s contributions, our state is a better place.
    As Christy stated in last week’s column about the Roundup’s new web page, we really hope you take the time to look it over and use it to your benefit. We are really proud of all the work Christy and Brandy Evans have done in making this a quality service to our readers. It was done to give you a better product for your money. I think our classified ads will really grow through the new web page where you can submit ads on the Internet and pay for them securely. You can also include pictures of your items for sale.
    The surveys on the web page will let us and others know how you feel about important and current issues affecting agriculture in our state. It is there for your use and we hope you take full advantage of it.

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