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Inside the September 17th Roundup

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Here's a preview of the September 17 edition of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup.
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Invasive species
Weed and Pest works to control cheatgrass invasion
Casper – Across the western United States, landowners, government agencies and local weed and pest organizations alike are working to control the ecological changes that are occurring due to cheatgrass invasion.
          Natrona County Weed and Pest Supervisor Brian Connely explains that the control strategies they use now will have a significant impact on what the Wyoming landscape will look like for future generations.
          “We’re managing the land for our generation and for the next. After that, they can make their own decisions,” says Connely.
          Diligence is essential in cheatgrass eradication, as seeds can remain viable in the soil for several years, depending on the soil.
          “The literature says that the seeds remain viable in our soil anywhere from one to six years, with a caveat of nine years,” explains Connely.
          While cheatgrass is not a state-designated noxious weed in Wyoming, it is a county-declared weed for many counties.

WACD grapples against proposed special districts legislation
          Isolated challenges with a few special districts across Wyoming lead the Wyoming Legislature to pursue the formation of the Task Force on Special Districts, a group that was convened to discuss the oversight, accountability and fiscal responsibility along with dissolution procedures for special districts.
          Over the last four months, the Task Force, which includes two house members, two senate members and numerous gubernatorial appointees, met and developed recommendations that advanced to the Joint Corporations, Political Subdivisions and Elections Committee.
          “There were three special district representatives on the Task Force,” explained Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) Executive Director Bobbie Frank during the WACD Area II meeting on Sept. 14.

Winter range
          During the Wyoming Habitat Restoration Workshop in Casper on Sept. 8-9, UW PhD Candidate Kurt Smith presented his research comparing the current core area stipulations for Greater sage grouse to their use of winter habitat.

Instruction memorandums
          After Resource Management Plans came out on Sept. 22, 2015 from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to determine land use across the agency’s land in the West, on Sept. 1, BLM released seven Instruction Memorandums (IMs) to clarify how certain aspects of those plans will be implemented.


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