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Inside the May 28 Roundup

Written by WyLR

Here's a preview of the May 28 edition of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup.
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Mead emphasizes local involvement at NaCO meeting

            The National Association of County Commissioners (NaCO) Western Interstate Region gathered in Jackson for their 2016 conference on May 25-27.
            Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, a Jackson native, commented, “My ranching background has provided great guidance for me in terms of policy decisions that I make and as I think about what is best for our state and the western region of the U.S.”
            Mead looked at the upcoming presidential election, the impact of leadership from county commissioners and steps for the future during his address in the opening general session.
            With the experience of his grandfather serving as a county commissioner in Teton County, Mead said, “Granddad always told me that the real power and real opportunity in the state of Wyoming is with the county commissioners.”
            “He fundamentally believed this because he believed the county commissioners were the closest to the issues, had the best opportunities for solutions and had the best connection to the communities,” Mead continued. “I, too, believe this is true.”
Elevating the equine industry
Wyo Horse Council takes legislative platform
            The horse industry in Wyoming is like many across the country – fragmented among individual breed associations, performance groups and other segments, and Judy Horton, Wyoming Horse Council vice president, says that it is important for horse owners to unite under a common umbrella to focus on legislative efforts in the state.
            “The Wyoming Horse Council is a legislative voice for the horse industry,” Horton comments. “That is our main goal and objective, and we mirror what the American Horse Council does.”


            Casper-native Pat Thomas has worked for UPS for 31 years, starting as a seasonal driver in Rock Springs. Today, he works as Senior Vice President for State Government Affairs for the company and serves as the 2016 Chairman of the America Trucking Associations (ATA), an organization that works with congressmen and women from across the U.S. in an attempt to improve the trucking industry.
Thomas emphasizes the issues facing the trucking industry nationwide.

Pine beetles
            The mountain pine beetle-ravaged forests across Wyoming in the last decade, and natural resource managers across the state have worked to address the concerns surrounding forest management to improve forest health and ensure long-term viability of the resource.
            “We are on a mission to promote forest health and resilience in our area to provide a large-scale landscape that is ready to take on the challenges of fire, insect and disease,” said Sarah Mason of Crook County Natural Resource District. “We also see the need in harvesting the timber in these areas. It also keeps the economy going.”

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2016-17 Rocky Mountain Horse Edition

Written by Saige Albert