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WYLR February 6, 2016

Written by WyLR

Here's a preview of our February 6 edition of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup.
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63rd Wyoming Legislature convenes

            This morning at 10 a.m. the 63rd Wyoming Legislature’s 2016 Budget Session kicks off as Wyoming Governor Matt Mead presents his State of the State address, followed by the State of the Judiciary. Wyoming’s citizen legislators will jump into its session, debating a series of bills, with the Budget Bill as arguably the most important.
            Wyoming’s ag groups agreed that this year’s focus will be on cutting the budget to make sure revenue shortfalls resulting from a drop in oil prices and decreasing coal revenues won’t hurt the state too badly.
            Visit to stay updated on the latest activities of the 2016 Budget Session, or check in each week as the Roundup prints the status of each bill as of Friday morning before going to press.

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Migration corridors
WGFC approves identification strategy

            On Jan. 28, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission (WGFC) voted to adopt a strategy for conserving ungulate migration corridors, which are considered vital under Commission policy.
            The vote also added the vital classification to bottlenecks and stopover areas, two key components of migration corridors.
            The vote took place in Cheyenne during a public meeting of the WGFC after Scott Smith, Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) Wildlife Division deputy chief, shared information about the strategy with meeting attendees.

Grazing workshops

            Sublette County Conservation District hosted several grazing workshops to inform permittees about the grazing permit renewal process and working with federal land agencies. The workshop hosted speakers including attorney Karen Budd-Falen and consultant Brenda Younkin, who educated attendees on what they need to keep in mind.


The Next Generation: Liz and Tyler Lauck

            In the Wyoming Livestock Roundup’s annual “Next Generation Ag” features, we showcase young people who are working hard to continue the legacy of agriculture. This week, we looked at Wheatland farmers Liz and Tyler Lauck, who are harnessing their passion for farming to create the most efficient, productive operation they can.

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Also inside the Roundup this week:

  • DTN expects volatility in the feeder, live cattle markets.
  • EQIP funding is available through NRCS.
  • Leanne Saunders looks at the complexity of global, domestic consumer demand.
  • Horses require high fiber diets, plenty of water during winter weather.
  • Wool quality is important for sheep producers to understand.
  • The Wyoming Public Lands Initiative moves forward after its first meeting.
  • Rogers Research Site focuses on fire, Ponderosa pine restoration.
  • Karen Budd-Falen provided legal advice for grazing permitees.
  • WGFD explores grazing for cheatgrass control.
  • WGFD looks at sensitive species conservation efforts.
  • USFS continues implementing sage grouse plans in Wyoming.
  • Jennie Hodgen of Merck encourages producers to understand antibiotic use, convey information to consumers.
  • Balancing inputs in important in crop production, says Bryan Lutter.

2016 Winter Cattlemen's Edition

Written by WyLR The Roundup's latest special edition - our 2016 Winter Cattlemen's Edition - is now online! The edition features Laramie County farmers, ranchers and agribusiness folks. We had a great time putting this one together, and we're pretty excited about how it turned out. Enjoy!